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Pastor Carolann

Pastor Carolann is the CEO of Wellard Early Learning Centre. Pastor Carolann founded the centre in 2012. She is the executive founding Pastor at LifeWay Christian Centre and is a Justice of the Peace. She has a diploma in teaching English and a graduate degree in leadership and ministry. Her hobbies include dancing and going on cruises.

"When I started the centre, it was my desire to help the community by providing affordable childcare, where all children are loved and valued."

Miss Laura

Miss Laura has been working at Wellard Early Learning Centre and OSHC since July 2016. Miss Laura is a trained primary school teacher and has a degree in BA honours primary education with qualified teacher status. Miss Laura's hobbies are reading and travelling.

"I enjoy working at the centre because I love that moment when a child learns to do something for the first time. The look on their face as they achieve what they wanted is priceless."

Miss Mani

Miss Mani has been working at Wellard Early Learning Centre since September 2015. Miss Mani is a qualified kindergarten and primary school teacher. Her hobbies are cooking and spending time with family and friends.

"Wellard Early Learning Centre is a fantastic place to work and has a lovely work atmosphere. I cherish Pastor and the other staff's caring and friendly relationship."

Miss Caitlyn

Miss Caitlyn has been working at Wellard Early Learning Centre since July 2015. She is the Senior Lead Educator at the centre is looking after babies through to kindys. Miss Caitlyn's hobbies are music and blogging.

"I love working at the centre, everyone is friendly and kind and we all get along well. The children are a blessing to be able to teach and bring a lot of joy into my life."

Miss Kayla

Miss Kayla has been working at Wellard Early Learning Centre since February 2017. She is completing a traineeship for a diploma in Early Childhood Education Care. Miss Kayla's hobbies are fishing and going out with friends.

"I love working at Wellard Early Learning Centre, its such a happy and bright place to be. The staff are great and it's like working with family. The children are all bright and happy and I have a great connection with them all."

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